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Success Is Contagious

When you work with the dedicated team and top producers at RE/MAX Reliance, you’ll find that you’re more motivated. You learn faster. You strive for more. And you find yourself serving clients with a fresh perspective. See how being part of our hardworking team can energize your career.

What Agents Are Saying

I was contemplating a move for a couple of years. I met with a couple of Brokers besides Gerald but honestly I kept coming back to Gerald. I must have met with him at least 3 times over a couple of years before I joined in 2011. We still joke about it. I don’t believe in moving around a lot. I had been at that brokerage before I came over to RE/MAX Reliance for 10 years and 5 years in the previous one from that one. Once I made the move, I have never looked back! My Business rejuvenated, I knew I was where I belonged. The office, staff, fellow agents are all excellent. The “culture” that is preached in the other places I was involved with, truly exists here. A group of people from top to bottom that are filled with integrity and honestly quite fun to be around too! Thank you Gerald for being persistent and believing in me. Best move I ever made.

Jacki Ruiz


From the day I made the choice to enter the real estate field I wanted to build my career with a company whose brand was well recognized and had a great reputation in the marketplace. Once I found that company I searched for a local office that held up the image of the brand, while providing a team atmosphere among the staff and agents, and provided a competitive compensation program for the volume I anticipated producing.

I found what I was looking for with RE/MAX RELIANCE. I can honestly say I have had all the support needed as I started and continue with my career, and have not once questioned the choice I made. The staff, fellow agents and leadership provide what I believe to be one of the best working atmospheres possible. There are many real estate offices where the agents and management are run very corporate like and/or do not perform well together, that is not the case in this office. I personally set what some would consider to be lofty goals starting out, and have reached each of those goals with the help of this team. If you’re in search of a real estate brokerage where you can truly enjoy pursuing your real estate career, I encourage you to take the time to learn more about the RE/MAX RELIANCE leadership and team.

Tim Dimmick


From the moment I was hired, I knew I was stepping into a world of boundless opportunities. The onboarding process was seamless, and I was given the chance to receive comprehensive training that not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also instilled in me a deep sense of confidence. What truly stood out was the meticulous attention given to every aspect of my growth – from the meticulous business plan development to the outstanding mentorship program that seamlessly combined classroom and on-the-job training. This holistic approach to onboarding paved the way for my success, allowing me to embrace challenges with enthusiasm and tackle them head-on.

The support I’ve received from both the management and fellow agents has been nothing short of remarkable. The office is not just a workspace; it’s a community of driven professionals who understand the importance of collaboration and camaraderie. The suite of best-in-class tools at my disposal has revolutionized the way I conduct my business, enabling me to operate at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. However, what truly sets this office apart is the positive and empowering environment cultivated by the capable agents. Their unwavering support makes every day a joy to be a part of. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and can confidently say that this office has transformed my work life into something enjoyable, rewarding, and full of potential.

Chris Powis

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See how being part of our hardworking team can energize your career.

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